Be sure to read and follow these suggestions during summer 2018 and whenever at the beach. Water Safety Tips offered by the San Diego City Lifeguards.



1. Keep Our Beach Clean.

Please place all trash and recyclables in the proper bins. Leave the beach with your area cleaner than you when arrived.

Pack it in & Pack it out.


2. Wildlife was here first.

Marine Life and Wildlife were here before you, and will live here long after you. Please respect their privacy and home.

Questions? See a Lifeguard.


3. The Ocean can be Rough.

Do not enter the water if you are not a good swimmer – know your limits. Avoid Rip Currents. If caught in a rip current, swim parallel to shore or hold up your hand. Read beach signs.

Always Swim Near a Lifeguard.


4. No Alcohol. No Smoking 

there is no smoking or alcohol. allowed on any San Diego beach or boardwalk. Fires can only be held in the city-provided fire fits (or hire Beach Fire Guy). Violators will be ticketed.

Ya’ Booze, Ya loose.


5. Do not get lost.

Look for landmarks near your towel to establish a point of reference. Make sure everyone know where you are set up.

Go to a lifeguard if you get lost.


ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN and reapply after swimming. Wear a hat and drink a lot of water.

Click here to see what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen

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