Home Local News Man climbs Belmont park roller coaster, threatens to jump

Man climbs Belmont park roller coaster, threatens to jump


In Mission Beach today a young man jumped over a fence to climb to the top of the Belmont Park rollercoaster. The ride, called the Giant Dipper, was not operating at the time. About 200 people were watching as the scene unfolded throughout the afternoon.

The San Diego police department responded to the scene with negotiators, who were attempting to communicate with the man. The man was acting erratically, and was heard yelling to police that he’s 21 years old and that he’s “no fool.”

The man was seen traversing the supporting beams of the structure and was spotted hanging just by his hands for up to a minutes at a time. He was also seen hanging over the side of the beams and balancing in various positions, as well as climbing to the top and just standing in place.

The man was taken into custody by police around 9:20pm. It is not yet known if the man was rescued or came down voluntarily.

Traffic was temporarily closed on Mission Blv south of Belmont park. As a result orders from delivery services like UberEats had to find alternative arrangements and locations to meet for delivery.

Photos provided courtesy of Brad Hochendoner.