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The History of Mission Beach


  1. As a kid Belmont park was my play ground I used to take the bus from Linda Vista on many a summer day then spend the whole day just hanging around Belmont park. the very first Amusement
    park I took my daughter to was there.

  2. As a young guy I used to go to the Mission Beach Jetty, and at certain times at night with lite fog you could see the “Jetty Dancer”.
    Does any one else know or remember this. If so contact Ken Kramer at KPBS for his “about San Diego, show.

  3. I recently found some old letters with the letterhead” Mission Beach Hardware Store” 3793 Mission Blvd Mission Beach Calf. I believe this store was owned by a C. Pappert back in 1942. Can you get me any info on this? Thanks Richard Pappert

  4. I’m an Image Researcher and working on a book about folk music and venues. Looking to find a photograph of the 70’s era Heritage Coffeehouse that was in Mission Beach at 3842 Mission Blvd. That’s on the Ocean side in just about the narrowest part of N. Mission. Let me know whose is the best group/person to license their picture. I’ve also check with San Diego History Center and they didn’t have anything. Thank you for any replies