How to see a Green Flash Sunset in Mission Beach


What is a green flash sunset?

The real sunset phenomena called the “green flash” is often cited but seldom seen. It can manifest itself to a one-time visitor while eluding local residents for decades. In this way, viewers become divided into the visual “haves” and have nots”.

The first time you see a green flash it is unforgettable, but its not quite like you might expect.  No – the whole sky does not light up in green. This is a very common misconception.  Instead the real deal is that the green flash should more accurately be called “the green dot on top of the sun at the end of the sunset.”  This is really more correct in terms of what you are trying to see.  Right when the sun sets below the water, you might see a prolonger green dot flash of light on the horizon. Yup – this is the green flash!  Once you see it, be sure to celebrate by clapping, cheering and asking your nearly boardwalk friends if they indeed saw it too. If they did – its time to jump for joy, because you’ve just seen a green flash!  Congrats my beach sunset people.

Increase your chances of seeing the green flash at sunset

To increate your chances for becoming a “have”, start watching a few moments before sunset on clear, cloudless days when waves are small and the Sun remains yellow almost to the horizon.



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