Important information to survive Summer 2015 in South Mission Beach


Selfie sticks – One word: Obnoxious. 👹

Powered skateboards – ask any true skateboarded how they feel about this device. 🙅

Electronic cigarettes – No smoking on the beach rules also apply to these right?

Man Buns – look around, they are everywhere!

Drones – one may appear and follow you while you catch a wave.

The usual

Boardwalk Traffic rules –  Visitors have no comprehension the boardwalk is a street and that there are traffic rules to be followed. 😣  By the time they are yelling “Watch where you’re going Johnny!”  it is too late.

Hole in the sand – The kids will dig a giant hole in the sand.  Then later fill it with… sand.

Sunburn –  Visitors will get burned the very first day and be red like a lobster the next day.  Likely a wife beater kind of a pattern.  Just remember sunscreen is your friend.  Apply early and often.



Zonie’d – when your Arizona friends party hard and you got dragged in. “I got zonied last night” 😲

Comber’d – when you go to the Beachcomber for one drink and have no memory how you got home.😬

Tarmac – All the cars line up in the alley packing their stuff, getting ready for takeoff.

Local hour – Saturday morning till afternoon.  After last weeks vacationers have left and the new ones have not arrived yet.

STVR – Short term vacation rentals. Some people want laws passed  to stop these entirely.  It’s not gonna happen. 😭

USD – University of San Diego. Students.



The OMBench at the corner of San Fernando and Mission Blvd. used to have an address where summer locals would get mail. 2900 Mission blvd.


OMBAC says “NO dumb shit questions!”