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South Mission Jetty Surfers called douchey by San Diego teenager

south Mission Beach Jetty surfer

The South Mission Jetty surfers get a mention in a San Diego Reader article titled “Is there anything to hate about San Diego?”  High school student Andrew Brown described an all too familiar experience when surfing at the Mission Beach jetty.

The article originally appeared in the San Diego Reader, April of 2015


Douchey surfers

  • Andrew Brown, 16, high school student
  • La Mesa

“What I hate the most about San Diego are douchey surfers. Let me clarify that, douchey South Mission surfers. I surf a bunch of different spots in San Diego and don’t have problems. The surfers here are chill, except at South Mission. There are some really good surfers there and they are rude to people they think are beneath them. They are territorial. Every time I have surfed there I have had an issue or have seen the regulars give other surfers problems.


“Last Saturday there was this really good surfer out there. He’s the kind of surfer who catches waves no problem but also makes sure no one else gets the wave by swerving in front of them so they have to move. This younger kid, — he was, like 19 — didn’t move, so this surfer got off his board and punched the water really hard in front of him. He told the 19-year-old, ‘Get out of here, you don’t belong out here.’ He started swearing at him. It was annoying, so when he paddled past me, I said, ‘It’s just a wave, dude. Calm down! There are plenty more waves. There is no reason to be rude to some kid.’ He freaked out and started swearing at me and saying that he comes here every day and he has never seen me before. I told him, ‘Relax, you don’t own this beach.’ He got really mad and asked, ‘Wanna take this to shore?’ It was pretty funny. He was, like, 30 and I am 16. Another surfer was, like, ‘Dude, really? You’re going to fight a kid over this?’ He paddled off all frustrated. I saw him later on limping out of the ocean because he got hurt or something. He walked past me and my friends and said, ‘Get out of here, you fucking groms!’ South Mission surfers are the worst.”


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