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Local residents track USD student party in Mission Beach using NextDoor.com

Photo posted on NextDoor.com of a passed out girl

Residents of Mission Beach fight the disturbing noise and constant partying of USD students. They are using the social networking tool NextDoor.com to focus their efforts and shut down parties.

NextDoor.com is a new online service that is like a Facebook for neighborhoods. To join the site one must confirm their address via a credit card or post card mailing. After confirmation a site member can post topics for discussion.

Photo posted on NextDoor.com of a passed out girl
Photo posted on NextDoor.com of a passed out girl

Every year it seems like the last two weeks of February tend to be especially busy for student partying in Mission Beach. USD Students have returned from their winter break. They are ready to a pledge and rush for fraternities and sororities. Shortly after acceptance parties and celebrations begin.

On the weekends the drinking starts on Friday nights and goes into the morning hours. The next day there are champagne parties starting early in the morning. Many of the students stumble around dressed in themed costumes. This is part of the hazing or socializing process into the various clicks.

One resident on NextDoor posted a photo of a girl passed out in an alleyway. In the post he said that he helped the girl get home safe. Another resident replied with a comment concerned for women safety.

WHERE is the photo of the young woman, passed out? That one, especially, haunts me…the vulnerability of the young women caught up in this “fun.”

According to NextDoor the photo of the passed our girl got sent to USD area representative. USD requested names, addresses, license plates and further information about the incident.

An intoxicated female passing out in a public place is a safety concern and can be scary to think about. Just this week a lawsuit filed about a USD students allegations of rape at a party made headlines in the news.

Big moving Usd party headed to the “treehouse” About 200 people, many drunk. Many minors.

NextDoor.com is proving to be a useful tool. It organizes efforts in tracking and reporting the USD student housing partying in Mission Beach. The neighborhood is able to communicate. It means raised awareness for residents, police, USD authorities, students and parents.

Excerpts from Mission Beach residents on NextDoor.com warning each other, contacting police and University of San Diego authorities:


Anyone thought to call USD and complain? Maybe they need to send staff down here!!


Please call 619-531-2000 and report the moving herd. It is well between 75-100 drinking, drunk underage students. Help Help – the neighborhood.


I was told that USD is going to require all undergraduates to stay on campus next year. Yeah! Is this true?


714 Cohasset, 2815 Ocean Front and 717 Capistrano have all been raided by police since the semester started January 26th but they continue to have parties, including todays traveling party. Today may have started at 2815 because there were a lot and loud as early as 10am and then back and forth to Capistrano until about noon. I know someone who tried notifying the dean at USD but you better have a way to identify the students or they won’t do anything about it.