Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint Nets 11 DUI Arrests On April 2, 2016 the San Diego Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint in the 2400 block of Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach. The checkpoint was made possible...
The South Mission Jetty surfers get a mention in a San Diego Reader article titled "Is there anything to hate about San Diego?"  High school student Andrew Brown described an all too familiar experience when...
The San Diego Police Department releases helpful advice to protect yourself from auto crime. Valuables left in vehicles at the beach is a major reason for the opportunity crime. Read below and protect yourself in...
Edmund Thile, a resident of Mission Beach for 40 years, rented a speed radar and is now tracking speeds and providing immediate feedback to cyclists. The story was covered by ABC 10News

Bicycle Theft Video
Open Container Citations on 4th of July in Mission Beach in 2013 $250 min for open container citation
Sketchy town USA
Auto Theft and Vehicle Crime in Mission Beach is up this month. April - May 2013 Make sure to use an anti theft device like a club and do not leave any valuables in your car!