Construction has started to replace a 900-foot section of seawall in south Mission Beach. the 2.4 million project has fenced off the beach access and views in front of Belmont Park, Draft and WaveHouse.

Seawall construction begins in Mission Beach

Tear down the sea wall! The old crumbling mission beach boardwalk sea wall is finally getting its over due and long awaited makeover.

Construction started after summer of 2015 at staring at the north side of Belmont park all the way down to the Draft restaurant.   A fence blocks off half of the boardwalk creating a tighter space for pedestrians and bicycles.  A sign encourages people to walk their bikes.

The repairs will continue to move south into the mission beach park where the wall and the road are both getting the new treatment.

At its current speed one can expect the construction to last a couple of years, the foundation of the wall goes down as far as 10 feet underground in some areas. That is a lot of sand to dig up.


December 2015 



January 2016 


February 2016




1920’s Historic Video of Mission Beach Seawall BoardWalk Construction Project 


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