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UFO sighting 2015, Strange alien blue lights in the sky over California  


Hundreds of people reported seeing lights and hearing aliens in the sky from a UFO that appeared to be trying to end the world.

Why do they have to start with California?

Strange lights in the sky appeared over California and Nevada on Saturday night.

The unidentified flying object was seen, photographed and heard by hundreds of people who reported the incident on social media. At times the light appeared blue in color.

Helicopters quickly took to the sky to circle and identify the UFO.

The Navy quickly released an official statement saying officially it was an official missile test so there is nothing to be worried about.  The media jumped on that bandwagon and now all is well and there is no need to think further for yourselves… people.

The internet immediately exploded with posts and memes about aliens being high on 2 marijuanas while flying their craft over California.

A witness posted this to Los Angeles’ Reddit forum: “Just watched this missile burn and then explode with a huge gas cloud expand really fast. We were looking North from Ramona, CA and the rocket appeared to be burning from West to East. There was a long contrail and the flames coming out were erratic. Then the flames stopped and about 30 seconds later the rocket became a very bright white light, and the gas clouds expanded from there. It had to be way up because the gas cloud expanded from our horizon to straight up in about 1 minute. Then there was the blue gas cloud that hung out for 10 minutes. Guessing it was a liquid fueled rocket, destructed deliberately.”

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