The Luv Surf Boutique is rebuilding their old one story location into a three story building.  Look for Love Surf to reopen soon in Mission Beach, probably in 2017.  Down the block Saskas Restaurant recently reopened and is back in business and getting great reviews by the local residents. 

Luv Surf Boutique is owned by Gina Champion-Cain who in Mission Beach owns a number of businesses. Including Saskas, the Patio Restaurant Group and Luv Surf Vacation rentals and Luv Surf Apartments, Swell Coffee and more.  

Recently it is rumored that Luv Surf brands also purchases the Rail by Rail failed Surf shop and plans to open something there too.   It would make sense to put another boutique in that location.   

Mogul powerhouse Gina Champion-Cain continues to buy and build up multiple properties and brands in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach under the Luv Surf and the Patio brand.