The Beach and Bay Press confirmed last week that the local breakfeast eatery the Mission will be sold to Richard Walker’s LLC. The community is heartbroken. 

Per Manager, Sal Cortigliano, “the winter months hit us hard. Even our regular customers were nowhere to be seen throughout the months of January and February.” Cortigliano went on to say that the winter months are traditionally the worst for the business, but the severe weather amplified the ‘winter effect.’

Local patron Bob Reck commented that “there is no place like the Mission. It will be missed.” A horde of locals ambushed the business this week pleading for Sal to fight for the business, but the sale was complete.

Richard Walker’s, LLC could not be reached for comment at time of press.  Cortigliano said the transition will begin next week – first with menu changes. The signage will come later. Richard Walker’s is best known for their pancakes with fruit on top of, not inside, their pancakes. 

Also… April Fools!