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Mission Beach Seawall & Boardwalk Construction Historic Video made in 1927 & 1928

2 1334 A couple of times a year weather conditions line up just right to causes a surfable wave near the rocks of the south Mission...

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"Cuz this is the best man made wave ever made.  For sure.  No doubt about it." - Kelly Slater

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Mission Beach Life proudly presents... The South Mission Beach and Jetty Surfing Video, Winter 2015 Session Featuring Local Surfers: Joe, Ann, Jessie, Alex and Mishu Video footage and editing by: Asbury...

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The band KI has a new music video for their song "By The Sea" which features shots of Mission Beach.  The video was directed...

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What can you do?  Love, Compassion, Mindfulness, Kindness The path to a new beginning starts within YOU

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