Bird and Lime Scooters on the BoardWalk, Electric scooter rental service

Bird and Lime Scooters on the BoardWalk, Electric scooter rental service

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Have recently spotted a random scooter sitting agains the seawall with no owner in sight? It is very likely that scooter belongs to a new scooter rental service named Bird or Lime S Scooters. The scooters appeared on the boardwalk in the middle of January 2018. They are being used by locals and visitors on the streets of San Diego beaches and boardwalks.

To rent the scooter you will download an app onto your phone and follow the instructions from there. The cost is very affordable for $1 rental, and 15 cents a minute at speeds of up to 15 mph to travel short distances.

Once a rider finishes riding the scooter, they can leave it and walk away. This is a reason for controversy around the scooters. In San Diego the scooters are being lined up around friendly businesses. But can also littler the streets with their presence.

Safety concerts include:

Double riding
The scooter is intender for one rider. Double riding is sometimes spotted on the boardwalk .

Right of way
On the sidewalk pedestrians have the right of way. On the boardwalk as well, then bikes, then any powered devices. Motorized modes of transportation are not allowed on the boardwalk. Electric power is in a grey area.

The scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. The speed limit on the board walk is 8mph. The biggest offenders of the speed limit are electric powered devices. Traveling 15 miles is too slow for the road and way to fast for a sidewalk.

Riders are not equipped with helmets.

Drinking and scooting is not recommended.

Riders should also be aware of citations.

The scooters are available for rent in Pacific Beach, Venice and Santa Monica.  Read more:

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What do you think of the scooters on the Boardwalk?  Are they annoying or what?  Leave your comments below now to be heard! 


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