I first learned about Chris Yandall on the Mission Beach Boardwalk in San Diego when I moved into the area in 2011. He was this longboard skateboarder who had a particular style that would catch the eye of any person he was passing. Chris would throw his hands and feet up in the air, rocking out to whatever music was playing in his earphones.

When Chris passed you on the boardwalk, you noticed him. The style was just so unique it was impossible to ignore.

I soon learned that this style of skateboarding was something Chris himself created, branded and practiced. Skogging. Some kind of combination of skateboarding and jogging.

Chris was an extraordinary and skilled skateboarder. He skated all his life. He loved skateboarding. He carried the flag for skateboarding all the way to the end. The world needs more passionate people like Chris Yandall.

When I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at the Adrenalina Skateboarding Marathon I quickly learned he was as nice as they get. Simple put was a good person. Friendly. And everybody knew him. He touched many lives.

I was sad to learn that on April 20th, 2014 Chris Yandall passed away. Just a week or two ago I saw him skating in Mission Beach. Chris Yandalls spirit is survived by the whole skateboarding world. His passion, style and dedication is something that lives in every skateboarder who goes out and rides from their heart and for the love of skateboarding.

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Chris Yandall Skogging


  1. So sad to hear that Chris died. I have one of 2 38″ prototype decks he designed and Sector 9 pressed from around 2004. He sent it to me for product testing. One of my favorite decks still. RIP Chris. You’re a legend and will be sorely missed.

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