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This Mission Beach Distance Guide from South Mission Beach Jetty all the way to Crystal Pier shows the distance in miles.

1/4 Miles – End of Seawall
1/2 Miles – Chasett ct
3/4 Miles – San Fernando Pl
1 Miles – Mission Beach Lifeguard Tower
1 1/4 Miles – Jersey Court
1 1/2 Miles – El Carmel Place
1 3/4 Miles – Ostend Ct
2 Miles – Sunset Ct
2 1/4 Miles – York Ct
2 1/2 Miles -Reed Ct
2 3/4 Miles – Crystal Pier

The orange strips on the seawall are quarter miles beginning on end of sea wall.

Courtesy of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Rotary.

The distance between lifeguard towers is about 1/4 mile. The length of the entire Boardwalk is about 2 3/4 miles.

Live Stream of the Mission Beach BoardWalk with the webcam facing South. 

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