2015 Update:
This post, written in 2013, about USD student partying in Mission Beach and has become one of the most viewed pages on this website. The purpose of the post was to show that USD student partying is a real problem in the area, especially at certain times of the year. My hope was to show possible parents searching for rental properties in Mission Beach what goes on at the rentals.

There are comments on this post from students who were at the rooftop party that was video taped and placed on YouTube. I have since met the owners of the home in the video and they had no idea that this kind of partying was happening on their property.

Some people like to say things like “You live at the beach, get over it, there is all kinds of partying there.” A statement like this is not accurate. I have lived 5 years in the Mission Beach area. After observing the habits of the neighborhood it is clear to see that there is one group that causes most of the partying. That group is USD students.

Only certain properties and rentals are party properties year after year. USD students tend to reserve these homes for the next year before moving out. The landlords or property managers seem to not care or not be aware of the problems.

The good news for the neighborhood is that the locals are always fight back. In February 2015 a group of young men got evicted from a property in south Mission Beach. They were part of a fraternity and habitual parties who would often disturb the neighborhood quiet hours. It only took a few parties before the neighbors and the landlord got involved. This shows that there are real consequences to breaking the noise regulation rules and not respecting the neighborhood.

The problem of USD parties in Mission Beach is not going away. Parents will continue to rent properties here for their students. Students will continue to throw and have parties, it is part of college life. We have to meet in the middle and all be aware of the neighborhood. We have figure out how to be respectful to everyone living in the neighborhood and all live together peacefully in this amazing area.

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With 2013 fraternity and sorority rush and now frat weeks, the last two weeks have been a busy time for USD student partying in Mission Beach housing and vacation rentals.

Friday: Three young girls are walking down the street and one of them has a red cup in hand.  I say “I hope that is apple juice.”

She hesitates but answers with a smile “It is.”  It was not.

“Careful, you’ll get a ticket for that.” I say as i ride away on my bicycle.

Saturday: Around noon I spotted a broken up party and a group of students loading a keg of beer into a BWM. The driver of which was likely intoxicated.  All while a police car drove by and did not notice a thing.

Sunday the local liquor shop clerk shakes his head while saying “These USD students man.  They are here like 3 times a day getting booze. “

My neighbor tells me that she was riding down the boardwalk and a student at a fraternity party yelled at her “OMG she’s hot, I would so fuck her!”   She did not stop or engage in conversation because of the lack of respect.



  1. Just wait until Homecoming weekend, when the alumni (myself included) will all come down and help out our fellow USD compatriots live the dream. It’s mission beach, no one ever promised peace and quiet, that’s for the desert.

  2. It sounds like your just assuming the BMW driver was drunk with no actual evidence. Pretty much the rest of the this post just seems like complaining for the sake of complaining. College kids will drink, it’s a phase that most functioning, normal adults went through at that age. If you don’t like college kids, then you probably shouldn’t live at the #1 place for off campus housing for USD students, as well as a popular place for both Mesa and SDSU students.
    As for the “I’d so fuck her” comment, that was of poor character. But then again, so is secretly taking a video of your neighbors and posting it to the internet.

  3. Get the sand out of your vagina lady… we are here whether you like it or not. no poorly written article is gonna change that. I advise you move, or learn to deal. Come on by the party, I’ll toss you a cold one, possibly even find you a strapping young gentlemen to motorboat your tits… if you’re lucky.

  4. Good job magnum pi no one cares. its amazing to me that you would even post this when you have no knowlege of the world around you, and clearly no concept of grammar. You live on mission beach im sure life is really hard, probably worse when you have to watch people enjoying life and having friends. Btw just because someone is driving alcohol does not mean they are intoxicated.

  5. Looks like a pretty raucous party, huh?? I didn’t even bother watching the whole video because it was so uneventful.
    But thanks for the deft reporting Sherlock! If next time, your profound espionage uncovers the underground homeless-recycling community (which is definitely real and not fake, and is said to be ridden with turf disputes and subversive violence), then maybe it will be worth reporting. Until then, please don’t waste our time with 10 minutes of footage where people stand around talking.

  6. Sorry lady but the TURN UP is real and is present in Mission Beach. And i would like to give a shutout to the crappy English teachers you must of had, because this was poorly written. And how do you know the girl didn’t have apple juice, did you taste some, if so, you were BUI (biking under the influence) which is not chill.

  7. How about I spare you right now and buy your home from you. In fact, get it appraised and we’ll work it out where I’ll give you an additional 100k price value. It’s a win win situation, mission beach says goodbye to nothing better to do pricks like you and I will rent out the property year after year to USD students to have the biggest, craziest parties to their liking.
    Things are not going to change. As long as USD students are pumping money in (which shows no sign of stopping), then the parties will stay. As long as my unit is rented annually, and those checks keep coming in (which they will), those USD students can live their lives as they please.

  8. You do realize that taking photos and videos of these people followed by posting them on your public website, all without consent, is illegal right? Not to mention that it is extremely creepy that you spied on them while they were enjoying a sunny day with their friends on the property that THEY PAY RENT FOR. The authorities have been notified of your publication of these images and videos of those poor students without their consent so expect to hear from them soon if you do not remove them immediately.

  9. In the video they look to be acting in a reasonable way. If people act irresponsibly police should be called and they should take care of it, hopefully if people act inappropriately others with them or at the party will often get them under control. Some people can become obnoxious when drinking people who live locally and visitors alike can act that way but it doesn’t look like anyone is behaving that way in this situation.. It looks like a video made by someone in search of a crusade. It would be more beneficial to everyone if the author worked on getting the storage containers out of the south coaster lot or getting more areas families can access and more walking and bike paths for people to enjoy. Try getting the construction equipment parked in the old school lot instead of on the street all spread out all the time. Maybe try to get the walkways swept more often.


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